For years Rüdiger has made documentary films for which he built small sets that re-created slices of life, places in time, memories and tributes to people’s lives and accomplishments. The props included photographs, trophies, medals, jewelry, trinkets and other cherished memorabilia. The footage he shot created drama and brought the people and their stories to life. Rüdiger recently applied this concept to still images, commissioned and created "Life Stories" that are personal to each and every client. (Visit the full page gallery here.)

These fine art commissions range from simple tabletop photos to elaborate personal portraits to location-fantasy images. If you would like to read how he created the image above for the Morrissey Family please read his "Life is Beautiful" blog post here

Legacy Portraits

For centuries kings and queens, world leaders and business moguls have had portraits created as a lasting image of their lives. Now you can too! Rüdiger's Legacy Portraits are created using his unique "Mélange" technique that only he has mastered. Your image will be appreciated for generations and... it's the closest thing to immortality!

Memory Portraits

Commemorate a life well lived, a great accomplishment, a moment in time or simply celebrate your love of family. Lets gather cherished items from your past such as photos, jewelry, medals, awards, toys and whatever else that brings brings the memories rushing back and assemble them in a beautifully lit arrangement. Rüdiger has created hundreds of these for documentaries on film and is now doing them for clients as photographs. They are fun and a great way to tell the story of lives well lived.


If you have a special moment or memory that you would like captured for yourself, a family member, friend or colleague please don't hesitate to contact us. If you don't like wine and cheese here are a few other suggestions to get your ideas flowing:

Home Sweet Home 

Childhood Memories (sports memorabilia & trophies, the arts, diplomas and other accomplishments)

Family Tribute (estate and/or personal items)

Professional/Military Career Tribute (Historical Items, media/press clippings, written testimonials, awards, medals, plaques)

Travel & Events (memorabilia, tickets, collectables, trinkets)

Birth / Infancy (clothing, toys, stuffed animals, blankets, décor)

Pride and Joy Portraits

Do you ever wish you had a great picture of that house you grew up in, that old car restored or the boat you learned to sail or your prized collection? If you look around, today’s pride and joy is tomorrow’s memory so whatever that object is that is you are so very proud of, let’s shoot it, frame it and cherish it forever.

Special & Fantasy Moments

Who doesn't like to think about those special things we do or dream that we might? Here are a few special moments to remind you of every time you set eyes on it:  

Breakfast on the Lanai

Cocktails at the Club.

Romantic Fantasy Date for Two

Family & Friends Dinner (Themed cuisine…Italian, Pizza, elegant)


Desert / Night Cap

Happy Hour / Tea Time